Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Togog is the son of god who was born before Semar, but being unable to protect the earth then returned to the home again Togog aka not so born. And at the same time was born Semar.
At the time of kadewatan told Sanghyang Wenang hold contest to choose the third ruler of heaven from her grandson that is Batara Antaga (Togog), Batara Ismaya (Semar) and Batara Manikmaya (Guru). For that contest held by the three grandchildren who can swallow and spew back Mount Jamurdipa then he would be elected as the ruler of heaven. On the first turn Batara Antaga (Togog) attempts to do so, but what happened instead mouths torn and so Dower because Togog one swallow active volcano and suddenly erupted when the mountain is located in the oral cavity Togog. Next turn is Batara Ismaya (Semar) did so, Mount Jamurdipa can be swallowed are round but can not be excluded anymore because Semar can not chew because his teeth fangs all, and be a potbellied Semar because there are mountains in it as we can see the character Semar in wayang kulit. Because the facility was destroyed contest swallowed Semar then entitled to win the contest and was appointed ruler kadewatan is Manikmaya or Sang Hyang Guru, the youngest grandson of Sang Hyang Wenang.
The Batara Antaga (Togog) and Batara Ismaya (Semar) finally sent down to marcapada (human world) to become advisers, and the civil prompter true meaning of human life and virtue, which in turn Semar elected officials for the knights good character (Pandavas ) and Togog sent as guardian for the knights with a bad temper.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Wayang BEBER

Movies are several puppet art that appear and develop in Java in the pre-Islamic and is still developing in certain areas on the island of Java. , Called a puppet because the form of several slabs slabs (explanation), which formed a prominent figure in the story of the puppet both the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Come by the Guardians of the Sunan Kalijaga several puppet this modified form of a puppet with the skin form of a ornamentik known now, because the teachings of Islam forbid images of living beings (human, animal) and sculptures of figures and given that no additional the puppet master copy (the original puppet with Indian leaders) are Semar and children and Puskas Hyang Kalimusada. Movies result of the modification of the guardian is used to spread the teachings of Islam and that we know now. Note also that the first several Movies and the original is still up to now can still be seen. Movies that several original can be seen in Pacitan, Donorojo, this puppet be held by someone who is trusted generations maintain and will not be held by the descendants of people from different because they believe that it is a noble mandate that must be maintained.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wayang Calonarang

Movies Calonarang also often referred to as Leyak Movies, is one of the leather puppet Bali that are considered haunted because in the run to reveal the many values and the magical secret pangiwa and panengen. Movies This is basically the puppet show, which specializes play-act a fool of Calonarang. As a form of art that perwayangan Performed as entertainment, art, puppet Calonarang still hold on the pattern and structure of staging skin traditional Balinese puppet (Movies parwa).
The puppet candidate charcoal leather involving around 12 players, consisting of:
* 1 puppeteer
* 2 adjuvant manipulator
* 9 penabuh
Among the play-act the normal be in the staging puppet Calonarang are:
* Katundung Ratnamangali
* Bahula Ambassador
* Pangęsęngan Beringin
Due to its unique puppet show striptease Calonarang located on the sisiya with his technique and game ngalinting scenes ngundang-ngundang in which the mastermind reveal or mention the names of those who practice pangiwa. Until now, there is still a puppet Calonarang in some district in Bali, although their popularity is still below the puppet Parwa.

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